And the band played on: Low quality studies being published on Covid19 prediction.

According to Laure Wynants et al Systematic review and critical appraisal of prediction models for diagnosis and prognosis of COVID-19 infection  most of the recent published studies on prediction of Covid19 are of rather low quality.

Information is desperately needed but not misleading information 🙁

Conclusion: COVID-19 related prediction models for diagnosis and prognosis are quickly
entering the academic literature through publications and preprint reports, aiming to support
medical decision making in a time where this is needed urgently. Many models were poorly
reported and all appraised as high risk of bias. We call for immediate sharing of the individual
participant data from COVID-19 studies worldwide to support collaborative efforts in
building more rigorously developed and validated COVID-19 related prediction models. The
predictors identified in current studies should be considered for potential inclusion in new
models. We also stress the need to adhere to methodological standards when developing and
evaluating COVID-19 related predictions models, as unreliable predictions may cause more
harm than benefit when used to guide clinical decisions about COVID-19 in the current