As usual, I agree with Paul Meehl: “It is not a reform of significance testing as currently practiced in soft-psych. We are making a more heretical point than any of these: We are attacking the whole tradition of null-hypothesis refutation as a way of appraising theories.”

Javier Benitez sends along the about quote from Meehl’s 1990 article, Appraising and Amending Theories: The Strategy of Lakatosian Defense and Two Principles that Warrant It:

I wish that Shalizi and I had known about that Meehl article when we were writing this. When we wrote that article, we were thinking about Bayesian statistics and how to situate good applied statistics work from a philosophy-of-science perspective. We weren’t thinking about the relevance of these ideas to understanding problems with junk science.

P.S. Thanks to Zad for sending along the above picture of a cat who seems to be thinking carefully about falsificationism.