Conference on Mister P online tomorrow and Saturday, 3-4 Apr 2020

We have a conference on multilevel regression and poststratification (MRP) this Friday and Saturday, organized by Lauren Kennedy, Yajuan Si, and me. The conference was originally scheduled to be at Columbia but now it is online. Here is the information.

If you want to join the conference, you must register for it ahead of time; just click on the link.

Here are the scheduled talks for tomorrow (Fri):

Elizabeth Tipton RCT Designs for Causal Generalization

Benjamin Skinner Why did you go? Using multilevel regression with poststratification to understand why community colleges students exit early

Jon Zelner From person-to-person transmission events to population-level risks: MRP as a tool for maximizing the public health benefit of infectious disease data

Rohan Alexander Looks or brains? Choosing the optimal set of co-variates to satisfy competing priorities in multi-level regression with post-stratification

Qixuan Chen Use of administrative records to improve survey inference: a response propensity prediction approach

Christopher Skovron Assessing Differential Non-Response Over Time in Online Panel Surveys

Lauren Kennedy and Andrew Gelman 10 things to love and hate about MRP

Shira Mitchell Discussion

And here’s the schedule for Friday:

Jeffrey Lax Applied MRP in Political Science: Tips, Tricks, and Headaches

Roberto Cerina Election projections using available data, machine learning, and poststratification

Douglas Rivers Modeling elections with multiple candidates

Yajuan Si Statistical Data Integration and Inference with Multilevel Regression and Poststratification

Yutao Liu Model-based prediction using auxiliary information

Chris Hanretty Hierarchical related regression for individual and aggregate electoral data

Lucas Leemann Improved Multilevel Regression with Post-Stratification Through Machine Learning (autoMrP)

Leontine Alkema Got data? Quantifying the contribution of population-period-specific information to model-based estimates in demography and global health

Jonathan Gellar Calibrating MRP for SMS surveys

Charles Margossian Laplace approximation for speeding computation of multilevel models

Jennifer Hill Discussion