Coronavirus dreams

I had a dream last night that I was at a conference, then I was going to the basement of the conference building to the supermarket, then I was at my mother’s house and she told me I needed more ingredients for dinner, so I went back to the basement, but the stairs didn’t go all the way down, so I had to kind of shimmy down the wall, then when I was down there with a supermarket cart I overheard some old guy, a supermarket employee, talking about how much he hated his boss and he was only there because his boss was paying him extra for overtime cos it was Christmas, then the old guy and an old woman were having a big scene where maybe they were gonna get together again and they eventually decide to do so even though they know it could never really work out, then to get down from that wall I’m balancing atop a ladder that’s gradually opening up, then I’m outside in a plaza and that man and woman are doing the same thing but they’re acting in some sort of public play and lots of people are watching, and then other actors come out and everyone’s applauding. I remember thinking about the play that the actors were fine—I wasn’t sure if they were doing it for free or as part of a paid performance—but that one thing that wasn’t so convincing was that they were in their 60s or 70s but the woman had a little baby. But then it turned out that she was actually a young actress, some movie star, and she removed her old lady makeup to the acclaim of the crowd. Then I’m walking away from the plaza down the street—this is some unnamed U.S. city—and then I’m back in that building I’m going up stairs or maybe I get off the elevator and there’s some shelf, kind of an indoor ledge that’s really important, I think it has some sort of keyboard and screen with interesting information, but you can’t stand on the ledge, you can only hang on to it by your fingertips, and as I’m trying to do so—I have to be careful because if I slip there’s an infinite drop below and I’ll just die, so I’m kind of hooking my leg around the wall on the right side of the platform so I don’t fall—a Japanese guy comes up the stairs, effortlessly grabs onto the platform and is holding on with his fingertips and as an aside says to me, Andrew Golemann—or something like that, I don’t remember exactly, but I do remember it was some misspelling and mispronunciation of my name—they have your name wrong on all but one place on wikipedia, and I replied, no, my name is actually Gelman and he said he’d go fix that page and I asked him to support my back so that I didn’t fall off the ledge, and I guess I didn’t fall off, because the next thing I remember is that I was looking at some sort of online conference schedule, and then I was talking on the phone to Jeff Lax saying that I was surprised not to see him at this conference (I knew it was a political science conference because it had events such as “8:20-9:20 International Relations Book Sale”) and I was telling Jeff how I’d been in California and visited the University of California and seen Jas, and Jeff said, Jas?, and I said, Jasjeet Sekhon, and Jeff said but he’s in Seattle and I said yeah but he was visiting California that day and we had lunch or maybe it was dinner and Jeff said where did you have dinner which seemed kinda weird like why would you care and anyway Jeff was saying he couldn’t go because it conflicts with his teaching and then I looked carefully at the schedule, it was only one day long and anyway I had to teach Tuesday morning (that makes sense, the conf was on Monday because all that other stuff had happened over the weekend in the dream; there had been a flight along the way) and I said I hope he had a flight and Jeff said the flight could be expensive and maybe the university travel agent could help—actually I don’t think there is a university travel agent—so I said I’d call the airline and check, because that resolved things last time I was uncertain if I had a flight already scheduled, and around then I woke up, I’m not sure why as it was still 20 minutes before my alarm was scheduled to go off

I recently read 10th Grade by Joe Weisberg so I guess that influenced my style of writing, sorry but there you have it. Joe Weisberg is great and it’s too bad he probably won’t be writing any more novels cos I like both his novels a lot and I mean sure nobody writes novels anymore and I liked The Americans a lot and I’m sure Joe will do some more great TV but still.

You can draw lots of conclusions from the above dream including that nothing in it was very scary except for that bit about needing to hang by my fingertips, but what I noticed upon waking up was that in my dream I’d been at a conference! I don’t go to conferences anymore. Yesterday I spoke in France but it was remote, I wasn’t actually in France and indeed I was told that many people in the audience didn’t even speak French. There was no coronavirus in my dream. And then I realized that I’ve not yet had any dreams with coronavirus in them, or at least I don’t remember.

But I suppose that some of you have had coronavirus dreams?