Coronavirus PANIC news

I just canceled a cross-country trip I was going to take, replacing face-to-face meetings with videolink which I think will be just about as good.

In other news, Cass Sunstein writes about “the cognitive bias that makes us panic about coronavirus”:

At this stage, no one can specify the magnitude of the threat from the coronavirus. But one thing is clear: A lot of people are more scared than they have any reason to be.

Wha….? Let X be the magnitude of the threat and Y be people’s fear. If you can’t specify X, and you have no measure of Y, then how can you be so clear that Y > X?

Also this:

Many people will take precautionary steps (canceling vacations, refusing to fly, avoiding whole nations) even if there is no adequate reason to do that. Those steps can in turn increase economic dislocations, including plummeting stock prices.

Jeez. I cancel one flight, and all of a sudden the stock market crashes. Could I just do my civic duty by donating $400 to the stock market, without actually having to fly?

Just don’t call me Stasi.

P.S. More on this topic here.

P.P.S. Jazz, pictured above, doesn’t seem to be panicking about anything!