Korean translation of BDA3!

Hyunji Moon organized a translation of BDA3 into Korean! Here’s the link. And here is the note we wrote to accompany it:

Dear Korean readers of Bayesian Data Analysis:

We are happy that our book will reach a new audience through this Korean translation. Math is math and graphs are graphs, but the book is mostly built from sentences and paragraphs, and it requires careful effort to translate these into another language. So much of statistical advice consists in omission, in not recommending certain bad ideas or in presenting results one way and not another. In particular, when developing and applying Bayesian methods, we need to continually be aware of uncertainty; we must avoid the trap of overconfidence in our inferential summaries. We should be open about model assumptions and think hard about where these assumptions come from. We appreciate the effort that went into this translation and hope that this book will be a useful part of your self-education.

Andrew Gelman et al.

(In case your Korean is not so good, here’s the English version of the book.)