Male bisexuality gets Big PNAS Energy

Do flowers exist at night?—John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch

I have very little to say here, except to let you all know that the venerable PNAS has today published a paper (edited by Steven Pinker) letting use know that male bisexuality exists.

Here it is: Robust evidence for bisexual orientation among men (The paper has authors, which you can click through for, but I prefer to imagine it sprouting fully-formed from the mind of Zeus)

Big shout out to all my bi bros who have been making this happen for years and years without the privilege of existing.

A few choice quotes:

Some competing interests…

Competing interest statement: J.S. is president of the American Institute of Bisexuality (AIB), which has funded some of the research contributing to our data. Obtaining funding from the AIB has sometimes allowed it to have input into the design prior to funding approval. However, J.S. has had no role in data analysis or manuscript writing until the present article, when he has contributed to writing.

Size matters when studying if male bisexuality exists:

All existing studies have been of small to modest size; the largest had 114 participants.

Something something fallacy of decontextualized measurement:

Notably, across these studies, bisexual-identified men self-reported subjective arousal to both male and female stimuli, even in samples where their genital arousal did not reflect such a pattern.

I’ll take structural heterosexism and misogyny in a patriarchal society manifesting it self in different ways across gender for 500, Alex:

The question of whether bisexual arousal patterns exist has been less controversial about women than men

Honestly there’s some stats in the papers but who really cares. The data is combined across 6 studies that cover two different types of stimulus (but it’s not clear how this was taken into account). The data also has about 270 straight(-ish) people, 200 gay(-ish) people, and 100 bi people, so, you know, balance.

The analysis itself is some sort of linear regression with a breakpoint such that the regression was a U shape (the arousal was higher/lower depending on where your are on the Kinsey scale). They used two different break points (but didn’t seem to adjust for the multiple testing) rather than using an automatically detected break point.

The data is shared if anyone wants to play with it and check some things out. It’s on OSF. Nothing was pre-registered so go hogwild!

But I’m personally not that interested in spending any actual effort to “discover bisexuality”. (Who expected Colonize Bisexuality would be July 2020’s clarion call!)

Before you go, please joint me one more time in singing the male bisexual national anthem Do Flowers Exist At Night.