“MIT Built a Theranos for Plants”

This news article by Tom McKay is hilarious:

The prestigious multidisciplinary MIT Media Lab built a “personal food computer” that worked so poorly that demos had to be faked Theranos-style . . . According to Business Insider, the project—a plastic hydroponic grow box filled with “advanced sensors and LED lights” that would supposedly make it possible to replicate crop conditions from any part of the global—was a sham, with MIT’s Open Agriculture Initiative director Caleb Harper resorting to faking demos . . . According to Business Insider, Harper directed an email requesting comment to an MIT spokesperson, who “didn’t provide a comment.”

No comment, huh? The “Media Lab” should be able to do better than that, no? If that’s all they can do, they could just as well hire the media team from Cornell. You’re the goddam media lab, dudes: you should be able to work with the media, no?

Ahhh, MIT . . . what’s happened to you? Lots has changed since 1986, I guess.