Moving blog to twitter

My co-bloggers and I have decided that the best discussions are on twitter so we’re shutting down this blog, as of today. Old posts will remain, and you can continue to comment, but we won’t be adding any new material.

We’re doing this for two reasons:

1. Our various attempts to raise funds by advertising on the blog or by running sponsored posts have not been effective. (Did you know that approximately one in ten posts on this blog have been sponsored? Probably not, as we’ve been pretty careful to keep a consistent “house style” in our writing. Now you can go back and try to figure out which posts were which.) Not enough of you have been clicking the links, so all this advertising and sponsoring has barely made enough money to pay the web hosting fees.

2. The blog is too damn wordy. We recognize that just about nobody ever reads to the end of these posts (even this one). Remember what Robert Frost said about playing tennis without a net? Twitter has that 140-character limit, which will keep us focused. And on the rare occasions when we have more to say than can be fit in 140 characters, we’ll just post a series of tweets. That should be easy enough to read—and the broken-into-140-character-bits will be a great way to instill a readable structure.

Every once in a while we’ll have more to say than can be conveniently expressed in a tweet, or series of tweets. In these cases we’ll just publish our opinion pieces in Perspectives on Psychological Science or PNAS. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but we’ve got great connections at those places! I have a friend who’s a psychology professor at Princeton who will publish anything I send in.

And if we have any ideas that are too conceptually advanced to fit on twitter or in a PNAS paper, we’ll deliver them as Ted talks. We have some great Ted talk ideas but we’ll need some help with the stunts and the special effects.

This blog has been going for over 15 years. We’ve had a good run, and thanks for reading and commenting. Over and out.