My talk Wednesday at the Columbia coronavirus seminar

The talk will be sometime the morning of Wed 6 May in this seminar.

Title: Some statistical issues in the fight against coronavirus.

Abstract: To be a good citizen, you sometimes have to be a bit of a scientist. To be a good scientist, you sometimes have to be a bit of a statistician. And to be a good statistician, you sometimes have to be a good citizen. We will discuss some issues in statistical modeling, design, data collection, analysis, and communication that have arisen in recent and ongoing coronavirus studies.

I’m not exactly sure what I’ll talk about, but here’s a tentative plan:

Modeling: The potential value of multilevel modeling of epidemic progression, using the Imperial College model as an example.

Design: Sample size calculations, using a clinical trial example.

Data collection: Sampling, using the example of surveys estimating antibody prevalence.

Analysis: MRP, using the infection fatality rate as an example.

Communication: How to perform collective science when design, data collection, and analysis are dispersed?, using everything as an example.

The whole thing is only 20 minutes, so I’ll jump around a bit.