New dataset: coronavirus tracking using data from smart thermometers

Dan Keys writes:

I recently came across the new coronavirus tracker website which is based on data from Kinsa smart thermometers. Whenever someone takes their temperature with one of these thermometers, the data is sent to Kinsa. Thermometer users also input their location, age, and gender. The company has been using these data for a few years to track the flu within the US, and they are starting to do something similar with coronavirus (as described in more detail on their technical approach page).

I’m reaching out to you three about this because I’ve seen your writing about coronavirus modeling on Gelman’s blog, and it seems like you might be interested in doing something with this dataset or in touch with other people who are. These data could make it possible to track the spread of coronavirus in the US without the testing bottleneck. The best option that I know of for trying to get access to the dataset is to reach out to Kinsa on their contact page.

(I [Keys] also have some initial thoughts on the data and some modeling that could be done, but I don’t have the technical skill to do the modeling well. I’d be happy to share thoughts with anyone who is interested in trying to use this dataset.)