Psychological Methods Feed

Someone writes:

I’m emailing you about an email service I provide for some of the best blogs and podcasts on psychological methods. People can sign up for free and receive daily/real time emails containing the blog post(s).

Below is the list. I had no idea there were so many blogs that discussed psychological methods.

Oscar Astivia- Psychometroscar

Hilda Bastian- Absolutely Maybe

Christina Bergmann & Sho Tsuji- CogTales

Dorothy Bishop- BishopBlog

Nick Brown- Nick Brown’s Blog

Lorne Campbell

Veronika Cheplygina

Fabian Dablander

Paul Eastwick- Evolving

Alex Etz- The Etz Files

Eiko Fried

Eiko Fried- Psych Networks

Patrick S. Forscher- Persistent Astonishment

David Funder- Funderstorms

Andrew Gelman- Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

Roger Giner-Sorolla- Approaching Significance

Olivia Guest- Neuroplausible

Jessica Hartnett- Not Awful and Boring

James Heathers

Matti Heino

Joe Hilgard- Crystal Prison Zone

Journal of European Psychology Students

Payton Jones

Åse Kvist Innes-Ker- Not That Kind of Psychologist

John K. Kruschke- Doing Bayesian Data Analysis

Daniel Lakens- The 20% Statistician

Etiennne LeBel- Prove Yourself Wrong

Alison Ledgerwood- Incurably Nuanced

Uri Leif, Joe Simmons, & Uri Simonsohn- Data Colada

Sara Locatelli- Deeply Trivial

Rich Lucas- The Desk Reject

Kristoffer Magnusson- R Psychologist

Deborah G. Mayo- Error Statistics Philosophy

Amy Orben, Sam Parsons, & Sophia Crüwell- ReproducibiliTea

Personality Interest Group and Espresso (PIG-E)


Daniel Quintana & James Heathers- Everything Hertz

Jeff Rouder- Invariances

Guillaume Rousselet- Basic Statistics

John Sakaluk- Sak on Science

Anne Scheel, Ruben Arslan, Malte Elson, & Julia Rohrer- The 100% CI

Ulrich Schimmack- Replicability-Index

Xenia Schmalz- Xenia Schmalz’s Blog

Felix Schönbrodt

Sam Schwarzkopf- NeuroNeurotic

Andrew Smith, Twila Wingrove, Andrew Monroe, & Chris Holden- Marginally Significant

Sanjay Srivastava- The Hardest Science

Sanjay Srivastava, Alexa Tullet, & Simine Vazire- The Black Goat

Ana Todorovic- NeuroAnaTody

Tim van der Zee- The Skeptical Scientist

Jan Vanhove

Simine Vazire- Sometimes I’m Wrong

E.J. Wagenmakers- Bayesian Spectacles

Dana Wanzer

Hanne M. Watkins- My Scholarly Goop

Katherine Wood- Inattentional Coffee

Tal Yarkoni- [citation needed]

Rolf Zwaan