Regression and Other Stories translated into Python!

Ravin Kumar writes in with some great news:

As readers of this blog likely know Andrew Gelman, Jennifer Hill, and Aki Vehtari have recently published a new book, Regression and Other Stories. What readers likely don’t know is that there is an active effort to translate the code examples written in R and the rstanarm library to Python and the bambi library. The core ideas that are presented in the book transcend any specific programming language, and more so insightful ideas in how to think about statistical problems, frame them in a structured way, and use mathematical concepts to solve them. Regardless of R or Python, the fundamentals of Bayesian modeling are the same, and if you’re fluent in Python that shouldn’t be a barrier to extensive knowledge that is present in this book.

Reading this book you’ll also learn that the rstanarm library is quite good! It’s so good actually that there are many features we’d like to port to bambi. So if you’re fluent in Python we invite you to first read the book, and then come help out, both with translating the book and with adding features to bambi! Contributions are very welcome.

The repository for the library and Python port are in the repositories below: