Some questions from high school students about college and future careers

For a high school summer program I’m connected to, students have questions about careers. They’re mostly interested in technical careers (engineering, science, public health) and also some careers relating to arts, communication, and government service.

Here are some of the questions the students are asking:

What advice would you now give your younger self?

What subjects outside of my major would help me in doing this career?

How did you choose the school(s) you went to (for each degree)?

If hiring interns, what characteristics are important / do you look for in outstanding applicants?

How did your college experience help you with your job?

What did you realize something about yourself or your passions that you didn’t know you had coming into college?

What classes were most important in your major?

What textbooks have you kept (even though the internet exists)?

What are your go-to references / resources?

How do you “keep” your professors and helpful people? How do I get a mentor in your field (now)?

What are some trending majors / careers now and in the next ten years?

What’s enjoyable about the job and what is not?

Why does the good outweigh the bad?

What’s a typical day in this career?

What’s the stress level and the balance between personal and work life?

What have we not thought to ask you?

If any of you would like to answer some of these questions with respect to your own job and career, feel free to do so in the comments, and I will forward the responses on to the students.