Sponsor a Stan postdoc or programmer!

There’s lots of great stuff going on with Stan and related research on Bayesian workflow and computation. One way that we can do more for the community is by hosting postdocs and programmers.

And one way this can happen is from corporate support. The idea is that the postdoc or programmer is working on projects that support your company’s goals directly while also developing open-source research that will serve the entire community, indeed, not just Stan users, as many developments from our research group have become more broadly useful within applied statistics and have been incorporated into other software as well.

Ideally, this will be a way for you to work toward your internal goals while also contributing to the open-source community. Beyond any direct benefits on your own projects, you should also gain by being first to learn about whatever new ideas are being developed by your sponsored postdoc or programmer, and also by having some input into what we work on.

We’ve done this before. The mechanism is that your company pays Columbia University to support the researcher. Or you could hire someone directly to work internally on Stan R&D, but in practice it has often been simpler to do things through Columbia, which can have low overhead and minimal bureaucracy.

Please get in touch with us directly if you’re interested in pursuing this.