They want open peer review for their paper, and they want it now. Any suggestions?

Someone writes:

We’re in the middle of what feels like a drawn out process of revise and resubmit with one of the big journals (though by pre-pandemic standards everything has moved quite quickly), and what’s most frustrating is that the helpful criticisms and comments from the reviewers, plus our extensive responses and new sensitivity analyses and model improvements, are all happening not in public. (We could post them online, but I think we’re not allowed to share the reviews! And we didn’t originally put our report on a preprint server, which I now regret, so a little hard to get an update disseminated.)

For our next report, I wonder if you know of any platforms that’d allow us to do the peer review out in the open. Medrxiv/ are great for getting the preprints out there, but not collecting reviews. Something like (used for machine learning conferences) might work. Maybe there’s something else out there you know about? Do any journals do public peer review?

My reply:

Can PubPeer include reviews of preprints? And there is a site called Researchers One that does open review.

Also, you could send me your paper, I’ll post it here and people can give open reviews in the comments section!