We need to practice our best science hygiene.

Of course I am not referring to hand-washing and social distancing but rather heightened social interactions between those now engaged or who can get engaged in trying to get less wrong about Covid19.

That is, being open about one’s intentions (the purpose of the effort), one’s methods and one’s data and data sources.

For instance these data sources, Canada testing and results, US testing and results

and some information on ongoing trials  (which underlines the need to for good expertise and advice.)

I know, conjectures and opinions can be help, but I would suggest comments here be limited to data sources and methods to analyse data sources and of course trial designs.

This post is by Keith O’Rourke and as with all posts and comments on this blog, is just a deliberation on dealing with uncertainties in scientific inquiry and should not to be attributed to any entity other than the author.