What does it take to be omniscient?

Palko points us to this comment from Josh Marshall:

To put it baldly, if it’s a topic and area of study you know nothing about and after a few weeks of cramming you decide that basically everyone who’s studied the question is wrong, there’s a very small chance you’ve rapidly come upon a great insight and a very great likelihood you’re an ignorant and self-regarding asshole. Needless to say, those are odds Dershowitz is happy to take. Dershowitz has now ‘read all the relevant historical material’ and has it covered.

I responded: “Drinking that Harvard kool-aid.”

To which Palko replied: “I suppose if you had a Harvard professor who was an economist and a doctor, he’d be omniscient.” In the meantime, we’ll have to go with the Harvard professors we have available. Good news is their replication rate “is quite high—indeed, it is statistically indistinguishable from 100%.”