What happened to the hiccups?

Watching Sleepless in Seattle the other day, and at one point the cute kid in the movie gets into a conversation about hiccups, everybody has their own cure for the hiccups, etc.

And it got me thinking: What ever happened to the hiccups? When I was a kid, the hiccups occupied a big part of our mental state. We got the hiccups often enough, and people were always talking about how to cure it. Hold your breath, drink a glass of water slowly, whatever. Once my sister had the hiccups and my dad snuck up behind her and scared her. The hiccups went away but my sister made my dad promise never to scare her again like that. And he never did.

Anyway . . . nowadays we don’t hear so much about the hiccups. Nobody ever seems to get them. What’s up with that?

Here’s a partial list of things that used to occupy lots of kids’ brain real estate but doesn’t seem to anymore:

Bee stings

On the other hand, some things that were big when we were kids are still big. I’m thinking of superheroes.

I don’t know where the hiccups went. I guess video games are so huge now, that some other topics had to go away. After all, there are only 24 hours in the day. On the medical front, we now have things like nut allergy and autism which nobody ever thought about and now are huge. I remember as a kid watching a 60 Minutes segment, I think it was, on this mysterious condition called autism, and I was like, wow, what’s that? Nowadays autism is just part of the conversation. But hiccups aren’t.

Somebody should study this.

OK, here’s the Google N-gram:

So according to this source, hiccups are bigger than ever. But I don’t buy it. I think any recent increase is just authors remembering hiccups from their childhood.