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Hey, Stan power users! PlayStation is Hiring.

Detta publicerades ursprungligen här. De första 500 orden visas här.hämtat från en sida Imad writes: The Customer Lifecycle Management team at PlayStation is looking

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\[n=\underbrace{1+1+\cdots+1}_{\text{$n$ times}}.\] Test för R Test för Python

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Two properties of the Gaussian distribution

In a previous blog post, we looked at the history of least squares, how Gauss justified it using the Gaussian distribution, and how Laplace justified

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Variable selection using Gibbs sampling

“Which variables are important?” is a key question in science and statistics. In this blog post, I focus on linear models and discuss a Bayesian

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Two perspectives on regularization

Regularization is the process of adding information to an estimation problem so as to avoid extreme estimates. Put differently, it safeguards against foolishness. Both Bayesian

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Bayesian modeling using Stan: A case study

Practice makes better. And faster. But what exactly is the relation between practice and reaction time? In this blog post, we will focus on two

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Spurious correlations and random walks

The number of storks and the number of human babies delivered are positively correlated (Matthews, 2000). This is a classic example of a spurious correlation

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The Fibonacci sequence and linear algebra

Leonardo Bonacci, better known as Fibonacci, has influenced our lives profoundly. At the beginning of the $13^{th}$ century, he introduced the Hindu-Arabic numeral system to