foreach 1.5.0 now available on CRAN post is to announce that version 1.5.0 of the foreach package is now on CRAN. Foreach is an idiom that allows for iterating over

Fit nonlinear regressions in R using stan_lmer This comment from Ben reminded me that lots of people are running nonlinear regressions using least squares and other unstable methods of point estimation.

Structural equation modeling and Stan Brown asks: How does Stan and its Bayesian modeling relate to structural equation modeling? Do you know of a resource that attempts to explain

OHDSI COVID-19 study-a-thon. OHDSI COVID-19 study-a-thon started early on Thursday morning – 3 am for me. The wrap up session – of the START of the Odyssey that

The second derivative of the time trend on the log scale Dorman writes: Have you seen this set of projections? It appears to have gotten around a bit, with citations to match, and IHME Director

Virtual breeding and genetics journal club: ”Structural equation models to disentangle the biological relationship between microbiota and complex traits …” other day was the first Virtual breeding and genetics journal club organised by John Cole. This was the first online journal club I’ve attended

I’m still struggling to understand hypothesis testing . . . leading to a more general discussion of the role of assumptions in statistics’m sitting at this talk where Thomas Richardson is talking about testing the hypothesis regarding a joint distribution of three variables, X1, X2, X3. The

“For the cost of running 96 wells you can test 960 people and accurate assess the prevalence in the population to within about 1%. Do this at 100 locations around the country and you’d have a spatial map of the extent of this epidemic today. . . and have this data by Monday.” Lakeland writes: COVID-19 is tested for using real-time reverse-transcriptase PCR (rt-rt-PCR). This is basically just a fancy way of saying they are detecting the

Let’s do preregistered replication studies of the cognitive effects of air pollution—not because we think existing studies are bad, but because we think the topic is important and we want to understand it better. the replication crisis in science, replications have often been performed of controversial studies on silly topics such as embodied cognition, extra-sensory perception, and power