How many Stan users are there? is an interesting sampling or measurement problem that came up in a Discourse thread started by Simon Maskell: It seems we could look at

Interpreting genome scans, with wisdom Fauman is a scientist at Pfizer who also tweets out interpretations of genome-wide association scans. Background: There is a GWASbot twitter account which posts

Field goal kicking—like putting in 3D with oblong balls Andrew Gelman (the author of most posts on this blog, but not this one), recently published a Stan case study on golf putting that

How to think about “medical reversals”? Harris points to this press release, “Almost 400 medical practices found ineffective in analysis of 3,000 studies,” and asks: The intent seems good; does

How to precompute package vignettes or pkgdown articles of earlier this year, we are now automatically building binaries and pkgdown documentation for all rOpenSci packages. One issue we encountered is that some

“There is this magic that our DNA enables” was just at a talk where a computer scientist was making dramatic claims for the value of human decision making. This is typically a

The tone problem in psychology you tone deaf? Find out here.

R Shiny for beginners: annotated starter code week I decided to get started with the R shiny package for interactive web applications. As an absolute beginner, I want to document my

Emails from R: Blastula 0.3’re pleased to announce blastula, a package for creating beautiful custom emails in R. At RStudio, we love interactive dashboards, but some situations call for

Gold-Mining Week 14 (2019) 14 Gold Mining and Fantasy Football Projection Roundup now available. The post Gold-Mining Week 14 (2019) appeared first on Fantasy Football Analytics.