Holes in Bayesian Statistics

https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2020/02/23/holes-in-bayesian-statistics/With Yuling: Every philosophy has holes, and it is the responsibility of proponents of a philosophy to point out these problems. Here are a few

Recent unpublished papers

https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2020/02/23/recent-unpublished-papers/You perhaps notice our published papers when they appear in journals: [2020] Expectation propagation as a way of life: A framework for Bayesian inference on

Reflektioner om högskolepedagogik, tagning 2

https://onunicornsandgenes.blog/2020/02/23/reflektioner-om-hogskolepedagogik-tagning-2/Kära dagbok, Mer tankar från fortsättningskurs i högskolepedagogik. På det andra kurstillfället ägnade vi rätt mycket tid åt ett romantiskt ideal för universitetet: både passet

What up with red state blue state?

https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2020/02/22/what-up-with-red-state-blue-state/Jordan Ellenberg writes: I learned from your book that Democrats doing better in richer counties and Republicans doing better in poorer counties did not imply

Body Mass Index

http://freerangestats.info/blog/2020/02/23/bmiI test the traditional BMI calculation against the actual distribution of height and weight in USA adults in 2018. I decide BMI is quite a

The next package release into AWS Athena

https://dyfanjones.me/post/the-next-package-release-into-aws-athena/RBloggers|RBloggers-feedburner RAthena 1.7.1 and noctua 1.5.1 package versions have now been released to the CRAN. They both bring along several improvements with the connection to

MRP Conference registration now open!

https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2020/02/21/mrp-conference-registration-now-open/Registration for our MRP mini conference/meeting is now open. Please go to the conference website to register.  Places are limited so make sure you register