Blast from the past told me about this paper, “Bidirectionality, Mediation, and Moderation of Metaphorical Effects: The Embodiment of Social Suspicion and Fishy Smells,” which reports: As expected

This is not a post about remdesivir. pointed me to this post by a doctor named Daniel Hopkins on a site called, expressing skepticism about a new study of remdesivir.

Age-period-cohort analysis. Winship and Ethan Fosse write: Since its beginnings nearly a century ago, Age-Period-Cohort analysis has been stymied by the lack of identification of parameter

Last post on hydroxychloroquine (perhaps) “not this guy” Watson writes: The Lancet study has already been consequential, for example, the WHO have decided to remove the hydroxychloroquine arm from

RStudio 1.3 Released Today we’re excited to announce the general release of RStudio 1.3. This release features many major improvements to the IDE, including: Dramatically improved accessibility

The Role of the Data Scientist Data Scientists Face an Existential Crisis The term data scientist has always been a bit controversial. William Cleveland coined the term in 2001 to

Alexey Guzey’s sleep deprivation self-experiment “Matthew Walker’s ‘Why We Sleep’ Is Riddled with Scientific and Factual Errors” Guzey writes: I [Guzey] recently finished my 14-day sleep deprivation self experiment

Hydroxychloroquine update up on our earlier post, James “not the cancer cure guy” Watson writes: I [Waston] wanted to relay a few extra bits of information