Some questions from high school students about college and future careers a high school summer program I’m connected to, students have questions about careers. They’re mostly interested in technical careers (engineering, science, public health) and

How to Build a Machine Learning API with Python and Flask you ever want to make your machine learning model available to other people, but didn’t know how? Or maybe you just heard about the

Job opportunity: statistician for carbon credits in agriculture Brummitt: I’d like to share a job opportunity to pass on to your students and colleagues: to do survey statistics and uncertainty quantification for

3 Wild-Caught R and Python Applications colleague recently asked me an intriguing question: “Do you know of any good examples of R and Python interoperability being used to solve real-world

The History of R (updated for 2020) an update to this post, here’s a list of the major events in R history since its creation:  1992: R development begins as a

“Which, in your personal judgment, is worse, if you could only choose ONE? — (a) A homosexual (b) A doctor who refuses to make a house call to someone seriously ill?” polls are the greatest. From the Harris 1969 Changing Morality Survey: How many people knew a gay person? The gay penumbra was pretty small

Who was the first literary schlub? were talking about Ted Heller / Sam Lipsyte (also here), whose books feature a similar lovable-loser character, someone who’s basically a good person but

What is a locus, anyway?”Locus” is one of those confusing genetics terms (its meaning, not just its pronunciation). We can probably all agree with a dictionary and with Wikipedia