But the top graph looked like such strong evidence!

https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2020/05/21/but-the-top-graph-looked-like-such-strong-evidence/ I just posted this a few hours ago, but it’s such an important message that I’d like to post it again. Actually, maybe we

Some thoughts on another failed replication in psychology

https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2020/05/21/some-thoughts-on-another-failed-replication-in-psychology/ Joe Simmons and Leif Nelson write: We report our attempt to replicate a study in a recently published Journal of Marketing Research (JMR) article

OK, here’s a hierarchical Bayesian analysis for the Santa Clara study (and other prevalence studies in the presence of uncertainty in the specificity and sensitivity of the test)

https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2020/05/20/ok-heres-a-hierarchical-bayesian-analysis-for-the-santa-clara-study-and-other-prevalence-studies-in-the-presence-of-uncertainty-in-the-specificity-and-sensitivity-of-the-test/ After writing some Stan programs to analyze that Santa Clara coronavirus antibody study, I thought it could be useful to write up what we

covidcp.org: A COVID-19 collaboration platform.

https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2020/05/19/covidcp-org-a-covid-19-collaboration-platform/Following up on today’s post on design of studies for coronavirus treatments and vaccines, Z points to this site, which states: In the U.S. only

Hey, I think something’s wrong with this graph!

https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2020/05/18/hey-i-think-somethings-wrong-with-this-graph/Paul Alper points us to this column by Dana Milbank discussing the above graph from Georgia’s Department of Public Health: Ok, the comb-style bar graph

Driving Real, Lasting Value with Serious Data Science

https://blog.rstudio.com/2020/05/19/driving-real-lasting-value-with-serious-data-science/ Data science is now a hot area of investment for many organizations. Countless blogs, articles, and analyst reports emphasize that effective data science is

Stan pedantic mode

https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2020/05/17/stan-pedantic-mode/This used to be on the Stan wiki but that page got reorganized so I’m putting it here. Blog is not as good as wiki

Using R: setting a colour scheme in ggplot2

https://onunicornsandgenes.blog/2020/05/17/using-r-setting-a-colour-scheme-in-ggplot2/Note to self: How to quickly set a colour scheme in ggplot2. Imagine we have a series of plots that all need a uniform colour