Animated Plots using ggplot and gganimate you know, that you can transform plain old static ggplot graphs to animated ones? Well you can with the help of the package gganimate

How good is the Bayes posterior for prediction really? might not be common courtesy of this blog to make comments on a very-recently-arxiv-ed paper. But I have seen two copies of this paper

Intended consequences are the worst saw this news story by Jesse Drucker and Eric Lipton, headlined, “Meant to Lift Poor Areas, Tax Break is Boon to Rich.” The news

rstudio::conf retrospective weeks ago, I was fortunate to attend my very first Rstudio conference. Spoiler: it was an amazing event – packed to the brim with

taxadb: A High-Performance Local Taxonomic Database Interface with taxonomic inconsistencies within and across datasets is a fundamental challenge of ecology and evolutionary biology. Accounting for species synonyms, taxa splitting and unification

Summer training in statistical sampling at University of Michigan points us to this summer program: The 53rd Sampling Program for Survey Statisticians will be offered by the Survey Research Center at the University

Expert writes op-ed in NYT recommending that we trust the experts Asher Meir points us to this op-ed by social psychologist David DeSteno entitled, “How Fear Distorts Our Thinking About the Coronavirus: The solution isn’t