Another Bayesian model of coronavirus progression Zelner writes: Just ran across this paper [Estimating unobserved SARS-CoV-2 infections in the United States, by T. Alex Perkins, Sean Cavany, Sean Moore, Rachel

parzer: Parse Messy Geographic Coordinates is a new package for handling messy geographic coordinates. The first version is now on CRAN, with binaries coming soon hopefully (see note about

Just some numbers from Canada of my colleagues posted this link yesterday to a shiny app giving Covid19 testing and results for all provinces in Canada. Seems to match

Shiny Contest 2020 deadline extended original deadline for Shiny Contest 2020 was this week, but given that many of us have had lots of unexpected changes to our schedules

Prior predictive, posterior predictive, and cross-validation as graphical models just wrote up a bunch of chapters for the Stan user’s guide on prior predictive checks, posterior predictive checks, cross-validation, decision analysis, poststratification (with

RStudio 1.3 Preview: The Little Things blog post is part of a series on new features in RStudio 1.3, currently available as a preview release. In every RStudio release, we

Breaking the feedback loop: When people don’t correct their errors, so here’s the pattern: 1. Someone makes a public statement with an error, an error that advances some political or personal agenda. 2. Some