StanCon 2020 registration is live! Stan Community,  The StanCon Organizing Committee is glad to communicate the registration for the virtual StanCon 2020 is now live. Please visit the registration

Recently in the sister blog language in scientific communication: There is increasing recognition that research samples in psychology are limited in size, diversity, and generalizability. However, because scientists are

Archive Existing RDS Files When working on data science projects in R, exporting internal R objects as files on your hard drive is often necessary to facilitate collaboration.

Male bisexuality gets Big PNAS Energy flowers exist at night?—John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch I have very little to say here, except to let you all know that

4 Tips to Make Your Shiny Dashboard Faster slow-running Shiny application (left) and an optimized one (right) This is a guest post from RStudio’s partner, Appsilon Data Science When developing Shiny applications,

Coronavirus corrections, data sources, and issues. post is by Phil Price, not Andrew. I’ve got a backlog of COVID-related stuff I’ve been meaning to post. I had intended to do

Would we be better off if randomized clinical trials had never been born? came up in discussion the other day. In statistics and medicine, we’re generally told to rely when possible on statistically significant results from randomized