Monte Carlo and winning the lottery I want to estimate my chances of winning the lottery by buying a ticket every day. That is, I want to do a pure

Shiny Contest 2020 is here! Over the years, we have loved interacting with the Shiny community and loved seeing and sharing all the exciting apps, dashboards, and interactive documents

Using R: from plyr to purrr, part 0 out of however many post is me thinking out loud about applying functions to vectors or lists and getting data frames back. Using R is an ongoing process

MRP Conference at Columbia April 3rd – April 4th 2020 Departments of Statistics and Political Science and Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy at Columbia University are delighted to invite you to

Changes in the foreach package Hong Ooi, Senior Data Scientist at Microsoft and maintainer of the foreach package This post is to announce some new and upcoming changes in

RStudio 1.3 Preview: Real Time Spellchecking part of the upcoming 1.3 release of the RStudio IDE we are excited to show you a preview of the real time spellchecking feature

The 100-day writing challenge was looking up Margaret Echelbarger’s email and ended up on her webpage. Margaret has broad interests and I suppose that in the old days

Evidence-based medicine eats itself are three commonly stated principles of evidence-based research: 1. Reliance when possible on statistically significant results from randomized trials; 2. Balancing of costs, benefits,

A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia happened to come across this excellent Paul Dickson-like compilation from Jeff Miller, a teacher at Gulf High School in New Port Richey, Florida. I’m

The hot hand fallacy fallacy rears its ugly ugly head how repeating the word “fallacy” reverses the meaning, but repeating the word “ugly” just intensifies it . . . Anyway, Josh Miller points us

Putting Megan Higgs and Thomas Basbøll in the room together, the’re both on the blogroll so maybe they already know about each other. But, just in case . . . here are two recent