“Are Relational Inferences from Crowdsourced and Opt-in Samples Generalizable? Comparing Criminal Justice Attitudes in the GSS and Five Online Samples”

https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2020/03/15/are-relational-inferences-from-crowdsourced-and-opt-in-samples-generalizable-comparing-criminal-justice-attitudes-in-the-gss-and-five-online-samples/Justin Pickett writes: You’ve blogged a good bit on MTurk, weighting, and model-based inference. Drawing heavily on your work (Gelman, 2007; Gelman and Carlin, 2002;

The Road Back

https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2020/03/14/the-road-back/Paul Kedrosky points us to this news article by Liam Mannix, “Cold water poured on scientific studies based on ‘statistical cult.’” Here’s what I wrote

Sponsor a Stan postdoc or programmer!

https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2020/03/13/sponsor-a-stan-postdoc-or-programmer/There’s lots of great stuff going on with Stan and related research on Bayesian workflow and computation. One way that we can do more for

Supercharge your GitHub Actions Experience with tic

https://ropensci.org/technotes/2020/03/13/tic-ghactions/“Continuous Integration” (CI) has become a standard for proper software development. Checking the integrity of software after changes have been made is essential to ensure

100 Things to Know, from Lane Kenworthy

https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2020/03/12/100-things-to-know-from-lane-kenworthy/The sociologist has this great post: Here are a hundred things worth knowing about our world and about the United States. Because a picture is

Naming conventions for variables, functions, etc.

https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2020/03/11/naming-conventions-for-variables-functions-etc/The golden rule of code layout is that code should be written to be readable. And that means readable by others, including you in the

Defining your own shortcut in RStudio

https://www.statworx.com/de/blog/defining-your-own-shortcut-in-rstudio/At STATWORX, coding is our bread and butter. Because our projects involve many different people in several organizations across multiple generations of programmers, writing clean

We taught a class using Zoom yesterday. Here’s what we learned.

https://statmodeling.stat.columbia.edu/2020/03/10/we-taught-a-class-using-zoom-yesterday-heres-what-we-learned/Like many schools, Columbia is moving to online teaching for awhile to minimize the potential for virus transmission, so Merlin, Pablo, and I used Zoom