Bernie electability update other day we discussed an article, “New research suggests Sanders would drive swing voters to Trump — and need a youth turnout miracle to

Woof! for descriptive statistics Smith points to this news article in the Economist, “WOOF, CAKE, BOOM: stocks with catchy tickers beat the market,” which reports: In a study

Using R: simple Gantt chart with ggplot2 Yoder’s code for a simple Gantt chart on the Molecular Ecologist blog uses geom_line and gather to prepare the data structure. I like using

Estimating the mortality rate from corona? “Edlin factor” Edlin writes: What is the Gelman confidence interval for mortality rate from corona? My reply: I got nothin. Aaron continues: Would it

Junk Science Then and Now years ago, Martin Gardner wrote a book, Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science, featuring chapters on flat earth and eccentric astronomy theories,

New Zealand Election Study webtool release an improved and updated version of my crosstab webtool for exploring the New Zealand Election Study data, now covering 2017 as well as