Nooooooooooooo! When I get magazines in the mail, I put them in a pile so that later I can read them in order. I’m a

CRAN Checks API News: Documentation, Notifications, and More October last year we wrote about the CRAN Checks API ( Since then there have been four new major items introduced: documentation, notifications, search,

Probabilities for action and resistance in Blades in the Dark this week, I’m going to be GM-ing my first session of Blades in the Dark, a role-playing game designed by John Harper. We’ve already

What does it take to be omniscient? points us to this comment from Josh Marshall: To put it baldly, if it’s a topic and area of study you know nothing about

Model Regularization – The Bayesian Way Introduction Sometimes here at STATWORX, we have impromptu discussions about statistical methods. In one such discussion, one of my colleagues decided to declare (albeit

Community Captioning of rOpenSci Community Calls and community calls are a great way to gather many people to discuss a specific topic, without the logistic hurdles of in-person events. But

Interoperability: Getting the Most Out of Your Analytic Investments _Photo by Federico Beccari on Unsplash_ The Challenges of Complexity and Underutilization Organizations typically have multiple different environments and frameworks to support their analytic

Conflicting public attitudes on redistribution David Weakliem wrote recently: A Quinnipiac poll from April 2019: “Do you support or oppose raising the tax rate to 70% on an individual’s

Further debate over mindset interventions Following up on this post, “Study finds ‘Growth Mindset’ intervention taking less than an hour raises grades for ninth graders,” commenter D points us

Off To New Adventures: STATWORX Office Soft Opening nearly a whole year, the STATcrew waited for this magic moment: The STATWORX Office Opening Day! On July 3rd, we celebrated the opening of

RStudio Connect 1.8.4 place for Python applications For data science teams looking to promote data-driven decision making within an organization, interactive applications built in R and Python